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Revitalisation academy – web seminar series March – May 2022

Revitalisation academy – web seminar series – energy efficiency of buildings, districts, cities, and funding issues within the project “Edina – energy-efficient development of special revitalisation zones and urban areas”.

In a light of new EU goals for climate neutrality, all European member states meet the same challenges, which urgently need suitable solutions. Therefore, we are organizing a Spring Webinar session on energy efficiency “Revitalisation Academy – energy efficiency of buildings, districts, cities and funding issues (Web Seminar Series)”. On behalf of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and our partners in the EDINA project: Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.) and Energy Conservation Foundation (FPE) we cordially invite you to the 12 Days Web Seminar Series concerning three thematic blocs:

  1. Energy – efficient housing renovation in regeneration areas (building level),
  2. Smart cities (city level),
  3. Climate neutral city quarter (district level).

We kindly ask you to register here

We are looking forward to see you all online! You can find the preliminary agenda as well as constantly updated information regarding the online conference on our project-website here

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